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July 10 2015

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SIZE scribbles. Blue is Creoste, light pink is Unak/Urdu, brown is Daenedan, pruple Liretan, white is Sibianth and pink is some shitty human thingy with an in progress doodle of Liretan playing with his gooly bits.More info on all of them here! https://trello.com/b/TVpEOh87/character-stable
I'm just real glad to have found folks who are in the same boat as me (acknowledge but just don't practice bc there's too many weird variables atm) esp seeing as I am primarily xenophile/zoosexual and only came to be attracted to humans after seeing them through the same lens I did as animals even? 
yeah apparently it just didn't like me trying to make it a text AND image post??? whatever soup I don't understand

July 09 2015

Sometimes venting about that stuff can help...Idk. I like you lots and you are a lovable sweet lovely friend. 

July 08 2015

stuff like this is part of why I am like *general farting noise at hypocritical reactionary kinkshaming harassment*
I don't actually care if underage people follow me but if they are going to be rude enough to be REALLY UNDERAGE OUT IN THE OPEN AT MY PORN STUFF I will be pretty upset like just. dude don't bring down the cops on me, I was a horny teen too but I knew better than to let that be super public shouting. 
my fav kinda dream. last night i had one of boinking a gigginox. fucking high five. 
AGH it's so hard, people forget that literally anyone can finagle literally anything to be toxic....
all of this extremely
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This was one of the unsual reefling designs, it's kinda...double rare as a pet species and should really be in a zoo or collection that can accomodate its specialised needs. 

Unlike the hardier reef terrain reeflings, this arboreal group has a low salt tolerance and spends all it's life crawling in the branches of mangroves or semi-terrestrial corals. Only about the size of a mouse at absolute biggest, they are very cryptic but reasonably common, living in scattered colonies. This particular variety is quite rare and on the large size, specializing in living on broad green leaves. They croak and squeak and males carry around their sticky, gluey egg masses with them by holding on with the hooked  anal fins. While they do have tiny strident voices, they also tend to use visual signals, including flashing their colourful flanks and semaphoring with various arrangements and movements of their colourful hands and feet. 

Their sucker pads have little cartilage rings to help with control as they suction onto surfaces, and their surface slime is very sticky/gluggy. Outside of the breeding season they are unusually slow, quiet and shy creatures, feeding on insects and grazing on anything sessile they can handle. Their feet leave little sugary mediums that encourage microorganism growth, so they tend to be territorial and 'farm' across a limited range. Colonies tend to be spread by either slow growth or sticking to larger species and being transported away from their home territories like burrs. 

They need very stable environments that are extremely warm and extremely humid, with lots of space to climb. They graze algae/lichen/bacteria off the surfaces of branches with their raspy tongues, so they tend to at least keep their muggy enclosures clean. They have trouble handling tough food, though, so give them small amounts often of soft, slimy feed. 

I might shade it, but I might also auction it. Not sure. 

July 06 2015

Oh DUH this this a perfect place for me to note down ideas of what I want to draw and sound out interest for them/if they're any good. 

Was thinking of both working on some Wings of Fire fanart of some sort, I can never get the ball rolling with fanart because I never know what to depict, so...if anyone has ideas?

I was also thinking of doing some reefling adoptables, a tiger tree frog one (slinky martin type? maybe from a really tall, almost aerial reef?) and a cleaner type one. Also wanted to make a Quilin based on a gladiola. 

July 05 2015

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An in progress painting of Sierra.
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Another hour and a half on Kilroy's commission. Working on getting the lighting settled. 

July 04 2015

It's partially that it takes so long to react that I have to thing about it, then I second guess and get unsure and run away
Ahhhh I am liking soup but I'm also missing a way to simply interact with friends! Commenting is really hard sometimes but I want to let people know I've read/seen/like their posts....
Oh jeez....if you ever do feel like drawing creeper again some time I have....emotions and ideas and just. ;; other than that I feel this, I have some characters with similar dumpy disappoint furry memories too
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